More safety and fun

Service good, all good! A ski service ensures that the edges are sharp again and the running surface is smooth. The fully automatic and state-of-the-art facility MONTANA, as well as Peppi's many years of experience, guarantee that your skis will be like new. Visit us in our service and rental shop in San Cassiano.

Advantages of a ski service
Well and properly prepared skis...

respond exactly to changes in direction

slide perfectly

ensure an easy curve initiaton

have a perfect edge grip

massively increase the safety for skiers

are directionally stable


Ski service costs

The cost depends on the damage to the ski and the work you want to do. They will be determined upon the receiving of the skis and communicated to you. Just talk to us!


Str. Berto, 85

IT-39030 San Cassiano / Alta Badia

Opening hours

Dec 5th, 2023 - Apr 7th, 2024

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